Cork Flooring

Natural cork products have been enriching interiors for over 100 years. Today cork flooring is far more durable and easily maintained than in years past and is available in an array of beautiful colors and patterns. ;

Cork's unique cellular structure makes it a cushion underfoot, a great thermal and acoustic insulator, resilient, impermeable, hypoallergenic, anti-static, and fire retardant. Cork is available in floating planks or glue down tiles in either pre-finished or unfinished options suitable for residential and light commercial usage.

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Cork Tiles

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Durability of Cork

Cork is quirky in terms of durability. We’ve seen 5 year old cork floors that look horrible while others look brand new. How it performs really depends on the family living on it and the amount of traffic it is subject to. In a hair salon the stylists can wear the veneer off a cork floor in a couple years. Cork does not hold up to rolling desk chairs and a mat should be used to protect the cork. Cork tiles are tougher then floating cork planks. Most cork cannot be sanded because the wear layer is a veneer but some cork tiles can be sanded as the color and pattern are solid, not a veneer. Cork fades in direct sunlight and this can happen rather quickly. While we love cork it is important to understand its shortcomings. In the right room with the right family it is wonderful. It can work great in bedrooms, yoga rooms and even bathrooms. In kitchens and bathrooms we recommend using glue down tiles not floating planks.

Cork Maintenance

Maintenance and cleaning of these products is very important but also very simple. These hard surfaces should be vacuumed regularly and damp mopped once a week or as needed based on weather and amount of foot traffic. We sell specific cleaners for each product or simply use a small amount of white vinegar in warm water for cleaning. Do not use any product that claims to add sheen or rejuvenate the finish; these products can eventually build up and prevent professional refinishing at a later time. We strongly advise using felt protectors on all furniture legs, especially chair legs. And it is important to place walk off mats at outside doors and having carpet runners and area rugs will greatly extend the life of your floor.

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