Types of Stairs

Almost all custom floor coverings can be used on stairs. Most stairs are covered in carpet or are hardwood. We have many options for using runners to create something special and practical. Marmoleum is often used on a secondary set of stairs that accesses the basement or utility area.

The right choice of covering for your stairs will go a long way in creating the atmosphere you desire in your home. We have extensive experience in all types of installations to cater to your tastes. Give us a call and we can discuss your options for unique and durable custom stairs.


Durability is especially important on stairs because of the high traffic they handle. Our specialists will consult with you on the many options and help you choose which is best for your space. We have a variety of stair coverings that can help protect stair treads and make them less slippery. 

Care for Stairs

Care of stairs is the same as for other floor coverings. Carpet on stairs should be cleaned regularly, at least, if not more, than once a year.